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Assuming that you do not gig or perform (therefore tone is less of an issue)?
I've heard a lot of "2-3 weeks because the tone gets dull"
every three or four weeks.

or about two days before a gig.
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A few days before a gig, otherwise they don't get changed for months... Too lazy.
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whenever my razorwire begins to rust
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until a string breaks, so that may last from a week to 3 months. ive had my current strings on right now for about 4 months maybe.
a month, sometimes 2 weeks if i dont like the set i put on:P
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whenever they feel and/or sound as if they need a change
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About a month or so.
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Mine usually last upwards of six months. Then I'll break one and replace the whole bunch.
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I actually haven't changed my current set since last summer. There's no music stores near my dorm (that I've found) and I never remember when I'm at home. I'm going home this weekend, though, I should stop and get a set of strings. Thanks for the reminder!
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Usually they break about once a month, so that's when I change them. If they don't, I'll go a little longer without switching them.
a month for my fender, 3 weeks for my les paul
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Monthly for every guitar, complete with a full cleaning.
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Well I have gigs almost every other day, so i try to keep changing them at least every week. My shows can get kinda sweaty and energetic, and if i had a dime for every time one of my strings broke!

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whenever they break
about once every 2 months
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I like my strings as old as possible.
So it takes round 4 month or more tills one string breaks (elixir ftw) and that's when i change all of them.
New strings also feel better which seems to make them easier to play. But I'm lazy so I only change them every month or two and Im trying to save money.
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Generally, I don't play many shows. Most I'll do is sit in for someone. A few friends and I are throwing together another band soon, but my monthly ritual will remain the same.
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whenever they feel and/or sound as if they need a change

+1. Different stings will go to **** after different amounts of time. My old Ernie Ball strings wouldnt ever get old because I couldnt keep a D, G, B, or high E on it for more than a couple weeks. Thats when basically never practiced too, and they were regualar lights IIRC. The Boomers have been on for 5 weeks an I still think they sound good, and thats after a solid 2 hours of practice a day on average.
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Once every month.

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The set i have on my ibanez has been on for like 2 months.
Only reason i changed them was because i had a gig.
And the only reason im changing them again is because my band is recording.

And my lp is just until they break.

I dont really care about tone loss with my strings unless its my acoustic which sounds like **** without newish strings.
Every six months when I'm not gigging, but I also wipe down the strings when I'm done playing so sweat, dirt, etc doesnt build up as much.
about every 2 months. Depends on if I have a spare set lying around.
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According to "the Ass Man", you should change them every 2-3 days.

Seriously, listen to the advice above.
As soon as my strings sound dead and it makes my power chords / chords sound out of tune!(Yes it sounds out of tune when too old, even if you tune it well with a tuner)
When they break or after a month. I hate old strings, they get slow and they feel like they're grinding my fingers (IE, not smooth).
well I'm an active musician and I play a lot of gigs so I change my strings every 2 weeks, but sometimes I'll change after 3 weeks if I don't as much gigs
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these days, when i break one. i used to change more regularly, but i'm poor and don't have that much spare time (my playing tends largely to be limited to band practices), and i play pretty hard, so i tend to break strings fairly quickly i guess. and hell, i'm not as fussy as i once was in some ways. so i just change them when they break or start to feel properly icky.
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Generally, every six weeks, but when I'm gigging every week it could be 3 or 4 weeks.
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i used to do it every half year when i was a noob but now i change em every other month...
i don't gig regularly so yah.

i love my eirne balls they asted a whole summer of noobish abuse and never broke.
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i change the strings on my favorite electric once a month, and the ones on my acoustic whenever they break

i havent had a real gig in 2 years, but if i did, a week before i'd change my strings and bring a back up set with me

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Quote by PuttYoh
Assuming that you do not gig or perform (therefore tone is less of an issue)?
I've heard a lot of "2-3 weeks because the tone gets dull"

i've been playing on the same strings for MONTHS. since i don't play out, i just use them until they start to become a little rusty and nearing unplayability. the G, B and E strings have gone dark grey a long time ago. and the E, A, and D strings have none of their original silvery sheen to them. i don't really care though. i may change them soon. maybe when i install my coil-splitter switch.

i started playing guitar again after about 10 years. and before i would use ernie ball which would get so freak'n rusty and collect so much grime just after a few weeks.
i don't remember what kind i have on now. maybe dadarrios, but these things have lasted much longer. but that just may be my body chemistry, cuz i lead a much more healthy lifestyle now. i also wash my hands before playing
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every month.

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I dont know how, but my string didnt corrode, and didnt break. I just got them changed after 6 years.
I see that the majority here likes fresh strings.

I belong to the smaller group that likes the tone+ feel of strings after a good couple of months.
I hate that slippery jingly jangly feel of new strings.
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