allright so i want to record, two guitars, a bass, and two mics simultaneously...what hardware would do this for me.
a mixer, an interface, sequencing software. About a grand for the cheapest stuff.
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you could spend about $300 on a mixer that has a usb output on it. alesis mixers come with cubase which is what my band has been recording with for 3 years and it is a really good starter program. connect and record
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a mixer, an interface, sequencing software. About a grand for the cheapest stuff.

A grand ? For the cheapest stuff? I don't think so. Presonus do the firestudio for less than 500.

Depends what you mean by hoe you will record. You say two guitars , bass and two mics. Are the guitars not mic'd? What are the two mics for ? Give some more details.
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ok two electrics, both strat, a bass, and two mics
one for singing, and the other to cover the drums...yea yea i know not properly miced but...w.e.
and i just need to be able to record them while we play together, as i cant sync them up as separately recorded pices. just loose or gain time and get out of pace.

so i guess im looking for somthing that can handle 2 mic imputs, 2 1/4 inch audio jack...if thats what the guitar cable is i tend to forget. and a bass. of course ill only need one mic as the singer will dub over the final music after we have the playing down on computer
I don't really know much about PCI soundcards, but you could check the ones by M-Audio?
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Well you could do this a few ways.
You have a lot of instruments to record but your overall goal is to keep each part in it's own track and unless you have about $1,000 for an interface and mics you will want to record each part one at a time.

A mixer will only mix down to a stereo track or two depending on which you get and they are generally more used with PA setups for live sound, not recording.

You can get an interface with firewire connection which comes with 2 inputs for mics, use the two inputs for stereo recording where needed but when it comes to guitar and bass micing you will only need a single mic like the Shure SM57.
the vocals will sound good though a nice condenser mic like the Rode NT1A but you have to have a good quiet location to use good condenser mics like this.

You could also go with an interface which has 8 inputs which will take all those inputs at one time and record them to a separate track but you have to have a fast computer to keep up with it all.

You can either:
1) spend a lot of money and record all your instruments in one take
or do it like most home studios do and
2) record each part on its own.

for PCI cards you can go with the m-audio Delta 1010 or if you want to go with an 8 input firewire interface the PreSonus FP10 but the drivers are not that great and may cause problems...

Add the cost of a few mics and you have spent a lot.
then think how your overall sound will be compared to going to a studio.
you can have a 100,000 of gear but you wont get the sounds of a pro. grade studio since you have not done recording, mixing and mastering for years.

just a thought, you can go with a mixer but the USB units only send a single stereo track. Now a firewire mixer like these units:

should work out fairly well and should send all the inputs separately.
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what is your budget, when do you need it for, and who has to make the final decision (IE you or the band)?
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Id say get a alesis multimix firewire 8 channel mixer.
Its there on MF for $300 and sends all the inputs through firewire.
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