5 month old, hardly played ibanez gax 70, lettin it go for 130 dollars, great beginning guitar, hardly played it really, two humbuckers, 2 vol/2 tone, 3 way pickup selecter, green, black hardware, SG style body,
ill get pictures up soon, $130 cashhh
i own this guitar, so anyone who is interested in buying, take it from me, this guitar is a pretty good one for the price, i love the guitar and it was my first guitar, i dont regret buying it for a second. great guitar for the price.

free bump and good luck =)
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C4C please
Quote by powermetalg
Your overasking. I wasnt able to sell my GAX30 for $100. But for anyone looking this is an awesome guitar for the money especially if you like metal.

Would you consider selling the neck seperately?

I've seen them go for $70 on ebay.
Its defintiely worth $100. Especially if your working on a LP with a bolt on neck. This has a thin neck (I dont remember the exact size but an Ibanez catalog said it was 1 Mm thicker than a wizard) so its a good guitar with a great neck.

Just thought Id add this cause I sounded a little insulting in my last post but it wasnt meant that way at all. The Ibanez GAX series are awesome guitars.
100 bucks for a good starting metal guitar, or just another for your collection
great guitar, great sound, NOT A SCRATCH ON IT.
100 bucks or your best offer for it
perty much completely new as well
and great sound and feel and playability for the price!
dude your trying to sell that for way to cheap man... gax70s are going on ebay for like 160-200 bucks. and yeah it is a kickass guitar.. why do you wanna sell it so bad?
oh really? everyone on here says im sellin for to high, well i look around for prices and things but for now ill say $120 until i get good conformation

its technically my friends but he doesnt want it cause hes a bass player and wants to sell it fo cash to put towards an amp
Anyone want this great guitar for a great fluxial price?
Selling for $130