i want to buy this kit.... but i want it to be an awesome guitar....


so i want an awesome paint job.....

I HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE ON HOW TO PAINT OR WHAT ANYTHING MEANS (for expample..i dont know wut clear coat, primer, or anything means)

I want to get this EXACT finish on my future LP project(but keeping the binding on it)!!!

what I want is a step by step tutorial how to get this paint job, and which supplies to get and how to get them....

remember that i dont know anything about this so please help me!!!!!!!!
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there is no way you will be able to paint that on your first try. that takes a lot of practice and know how.

your best bet is to either send it to a custom guitar painter or to get somebody local to do it.
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i have the saga LP kit, and if you want to have a finish like that, good luck
the guitars come with a polyeurethane coating on them, so even stomach and battery acid wont get it off. sanding will do, but the 'flamed maple top' is just a veneer, and its about 1/16th of an inch thick, and its VERY easy to sand through it, especially around the edges.
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it looks like a chromolsion (sp?) semi-clear coat over a veneered top

theres horrible spraypaint kits that can do that but that will only end up looking like you did it with a horrible spraypaint kit.

i have a similar, yet much less noticable, effect on my custom built... theres a paintshop here in town that sells automotive paint, he mixed us a custom color of what appeared to be semi-clear blue and alot of pearl, im thinking the pearl effect may be what does it

but thats just my speculation

hope that helps =]