I am stuck between getting a red Fasel and those hand wound Whipples that guy sells on eBay. The red Fasel seems really popular, but people seem to be raving about the Whipple.

Can anyone who has used or heard both offer a comparison?

Also what are you views on panel mounted jacks vs pcb mounted jacks on a wah? I have found a source for the replacement pcb mounted jacks. So it shouldn't be that big a deal. Is it just snobbery that causes people to look down on the pcb mounted jacks? I mean, I am capable of soldering and desoldering, so is it really that big a deal?

I ask because I have a chance to buy either a brand new condition Crybaby (lastest revision) with the pcb mounted jacks obviously, OR for the same price get a Revision D Crybaby from about 18 years ago which is in 'very good' condition that has the panel mounted jacks....

Any advice or opinions you guys can give would be GREATLY appreciated!!

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All I hear in the Wah Modding thread is how great the Whipple is.

I originally wanted a Fasel, but after all the commotion, I'm now saving for the Whipple
I've got a fasel in my slash wah and I think it sounds great.
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Never tried the whipple but I have a fasel in my wah and ii love it.
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Really nothing wrong with PC mounted jacks. If anything the Crybaby board is quit convienent because you can remove the entire board without hassle.

As far the inductor goes, the Whipple is among the best Halo replicas so if you're going for that classic Vox sound that's the way to go.
whipple, whipple, whipple.

whipple is awesome. i have one, mike makes some GOOOD stuff.
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