wish me luck fellow guitar players. im doing an origional that has a blues jazz feel into an insane metal riff and soloing over it into intro and solo of master of puppets. the intro of master of puppets will be slapped bass like les claypool of primus(itts on youtube) by my good friend. well wish us luck and tell me something to ease down the tension and what to focus on while playing up there. first big gig playing together since weve only been playing together for a week now,= and i hope it kicks a**
Good luck, man. Take it easy, sleep early, eat a good breakfast, don't overthink it. If you screw up, most people won't notice (at least they don't when I mess up). Just stay calm and cool....
Just keep yourself calm.

I didn't last year, and before the curtains open, in my mind I told myself "I can't do this..."

But we ended up winning so it was all good.

Good luck!
You better hope you can sleep buddy. Nothing's worse than playing a gig when you're dead tired. You either end up playing sloppy, or you don't go and sleep in like little, old, me.
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