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For sale is a Like New ESP LTD EX-400 in olympic white($600 Value) with EMG Pickups. Also Included is a Gator GW-Extreme Guitar Case ($124 Value). Guitar looks and plays like new! With Case for $450, I will sell it without the case for $390! I will consider resonable offers!

Technical Specs
# Construction: set neck
# Scale: 24.75"
# Body: mahogany
# 3-piece maple neck
# Rosewood fretboard
# 22 extra jumbo frets
# Dot inlays with name at 12th fret
# EMG-81 (bridge) and EMG-60 (neck) active pickups
# Volume, tone, 3-way toggle controls
# Black hardware
# Earvana compensated nut
# Grover tuners
# Tune-o-matic bridge with stop tailpiece

Elite FTMFW!!
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If you would like a picture of specific things on the guitar let me know
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hmm, i just bought a static-600 off of ebay, but , lets see what cash i can still muster (im the master at scrounging cash). lets see if i can sell a **** load of cutco this weekend, if so im all over this like freaking white on rice.
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that is sweet..... i dont think i can afford it yet but might be able to gather some cash within the next few weeks.

can you tell me the cost of postage to sydney, australia?

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when i bought my hellraiser from the u.s, the postage costed around $100ish but with the hardcase it might be around $150
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I've been thinking about buying that exact guitar forever now. I don't know how I'm doing on cash though. I could give you $250 + a Weeping Demon Wah for just the guitar? Or see if I could get more money. Ahh so pretty.
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well atreyus pretty much my fav band

and i really really really want this guitar

450 is that like with shipping
and do you do paypal
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Just curious, is this guitar neck heavy?

I know that many Explorer bodies are this way, and so I would expect it (I have leather straps to compensate). But I'm curious. Thanks!
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Yes the guitar is a little top heavy like all the explorer styles
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did you see that pm i sent you over the weekend, cancel that.
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How much would shipping to Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario be? I'm able to pay you via PayPal.
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I sent you a Pm, defenatly more then interested in this guitar. . .
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