with 450 I can get jr.blues amp or vj and ibanez tubescreamer and holy grail. what you think is an better deal also i play blues srv eric clapton to name a few
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how much is an v16 and does it have reverb and on a side note is epi dot any good?
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the vj and tubescreamer is a great combo, thats what m running right now. but i personally think you should get the blues jr. i mean either way you cant go wrong but i think the blues jr. would give you more clean headroom for that srv.
Epi dots are good - but make sure you try the one you're buying as I tried one the other day and the surface of the frest was as rough as a cheese grater. I'm surprised the strings didn't snap. Others I've played though are superb. A great guitar choice for your style.

Amp wise - Blues Junior.