Seems like the most reasonable subforum to post this in.
i recently won an auction on an amplifier in the states, however after he got a quote.. well, it was over $500 to the uk.

Can anyone suggest a shipping service that might cost less.

its an avatar 212
'The dimensions are 21" H x 28.5" W x 12 " D. Weight is approx 49 lbs'
obviously the box would be bigger though..

any help is greatly appreciated.
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unfortunatley, from us to uk will cost alot
try sending it thru airfrieght yrself? a shipping company- but that will take a month
i don't mind it taking a while, just as long as the cost is kept as low as possible..

i mean there must be Some way to get it over here for under $200 surely!

any particular airfreight companies i could suggest to him?
the problem u are going to get is that the frieght companies are going to have minumum charges
i dont think it will be poss to spend under 200usd
also, each country will have their taxes and duty
do a search on yahoo for sea frieght companies
Yeah remember that even if you do et it posted, once it gets here you have to pay 17.5% VAT + customs fees which will probably be pretty hefty on a cab.

So the deal you think you got might not end up being as goodas you think...