ive been looking at a schecter tempest custom and i think its gorgeous

anyways im not too keen on the actual pickups so i was wondering if anyone knows any similar guitars with a better set of pups? seymore duncans, emg's. w/e as long as theyre humbuckers
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I like that guitar it's the one I always use in GC when I get the chance to wonder over there.
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why not get it and change the pups
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Right now, there's the Jerry Horton Tempest, which has Seymour Duncans. If you can wait until the 2008 guitars come out, they're making the Tempest Classic, which is the same as the C-1 Classic but with the Tempest body.
I have one.. I love mine. So much.
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I have a tempest custom and i am looking into getting new pups as follows

-ahb2 blackout metal

- Duncan Custom

-Full Shred

and there's always emgs.... haha but i dunno
theyre awesome, a friend of mine has one same color
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