just a little something i wrote about all the paparazzi and news people focusing on the lives of celebrities. the title really explains it all.

Waste Of My Time

what's wrong with everyone?
there's a problem clear to see
people living in obsession
with the stars and celebrities
they sit on their couches
eyes glued to the t.v.
look at pictures in magazines
because they don't want to read
they keep track of who is married
and who has broken up
put their opinions on youtube
why cant they all shut up?
watch the rich ex-child stars
who think their lives are hard
they go to clubs and flash themselves
sitting in their fancy cars

we will watch their lives
as they become a mess
they'll ruin themselves
just for the press
don't become a mindless pig
who cares what they say
the press and publicity-
they want it this way!

we live in a world
full of poverty and war news
but we focus on celebrities
this is what we choose
these rich people's kids
are the focus of our days
they put that **** on the news
and we don't have a say
the press makes a profit
don't buy into media bull
they want you to buy that crap
so their own wallets are full
people who act like that
don't deserve my time
if you want to become a slave,
then FINE