This is a follow up of the "Half Stack" thread in GG&A. We are going to post up sound clips or video demos of our amps to see which has decent tone and who can get the heaviest metal tones out of their amps.

The one major rule of this competition is: No Pedals!! It has to be just solid from the amp, so if your amp wont put up then shut up. No whining cause you cant use your heavist distortion pedal set to the max. No Eq's, no distortion, no overdrive. Just all natural amp.

The first clips are posted by RKY. I'll have him post here so yall can have easier access to his clips.
Tomorrow I'll post a couple clips up here of my tone. I'll try to find something better than my little headset mic to record it with, as it doesn't seem to do it justice. Also I gotta think of something to play. Hopefully my amp will sound "slamming". I guess I'm going to have to dust off some Dream Theater with my JP. w00t.
I might put my AT-100 up too......

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maybe i'll put up more death metal clips later.

possibly record with a mic instead of DI too.
lol... if only i didnt live in a commisions housing...
my 100 watt Duncan Valve would Blow up the ****ing Planet and Laugh At the tektonic plates as they split off into space.
but the way i have it set (neighbor friendly) it sounds like a bad porno.
I want in on this action! I think you should reconsider the overdrive thing. I'd rather not have to crank my amp to get some decent power tube saturation.
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I would be happy to post some clips. I don't have a way to do it other than my digital camera which has a video feature. I don't have any recording software or way to connect it to a computer. So the sound will not be so great, but I will play along. I just home my Starter pack amp sounds good over a camera.
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