Hello! I have a website I saw and I was wondering if it was any good. All I am looking for is to learn more advanced techniques with video. (I'm not good with a book or, in this case a website, to learn from...sadly) So, all I want to know is, "is it worth the money just to reveiw beginner techniques and to learn SOME advanced techniques?"

The website is: http://www.guitarmasterpro.net/
If ur ears aint ringin...ur doin it wrong

Dont bother with it. they say " You will learn how to play with the expertise of Jimmy Hendrix, Kirk Hammett, BB King, Carlos Santana, Green Day and other masters!"

Clearly when you class greenday with the likes of kirk hammet and santana you have no idea what music is about.

Also you could learn all this stuff for free elsewhere.
For those who care.
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LOL yeah
cuz green day can like outshred kirk any day (joke)

just teach urself
I'm guessing the idea of guitarmasterpro came from that video on youtube. But I'd recommend just teaching yourself with a few books.