The old Vintage Club 60 series are pretty nice. The other single Channel vC series were solid too, with better EQs and more gain imo than currant Palomino's. Older Blue voodoos are nice high gain heads. Modern Crate tube amps aren't bad, but they tend to have numb feeling EQs, and aren't made too terribly well. Its worth noting though, every Crate tube amp I've played has been darkly voiced.
I'm not too sure bout the Palomino's EQ.........

Mine is really responsive, but I've heard different things with different models in regards to reliability and sound. Mine hasn't had any problems, and sounds amazing (maybe becuase mine's an American ? I've heard of people having trouble with the Nam ones.....).

And yeah, the Palomino is defiantely voiced for classic rock (even if it is on the darker side of the spectrum).

How do you say "I'm okay" to an answering machine?

I got to mess around with one of the new V18's a couple of weeks ago and it was fantastic for the price. The speaker was a hunk of garbage, but that's easy to fix. The amp did a fine job of copying old Cream tones for a surprisingly low amount of cash.
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