Well i have been playing guitar since christmas. i had my guitar about a year ago, learned a song and lost motivation. but now I have started playing again.

My school is having a talent show on March 19th of this year.
My favorite song is bat country by a7x.
I already can play the main riffs, intro and all. Except the solos.
I was wondering if playing the bat country solos would even be an achievable goal for a noob like me.

I mainly know riffs and some solos to songs. And no I don't play Blink-182 garbage.
depends how long you want to practice. And how good you want to sound. Put in the time and it might pay off. Then again UG has no idea how you sound.
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this past christmas? well if you have only been playing over a month and can bust out solos(wheedley wheedley wheedley woow deh neeh nooooorrrrrrrhhhh), id call you a prodigy of sorts, cant say ive heard of it tho.

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I can play all the other elements of the song pretty cleanly. Basically since christmas this has been my primary goal. I practice like 3 hours a day, but the time flies so I normally play longer on the weekends.

I wanted UGer's opinion on whether this is realistic, b/c if it isn't I'll just wait till next year or something. I wouldn't wanna make myself look stupid.
My advice is that you may not want to start with something like Bat Country, especially since you haven't really had much time to play. Its a good song, but you'll need more time than what you have to get the whole song down.

Count On Me by Default has a pretty good guitar part, and its fairly easy (if you like their style of music). I play bass primarily and I can play the guitar part - including the solo - for the whole song.

Its my recommendation, but you play what you want to.
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