I have this really crappy SG shaped guitar that I put together for what I call " The Bouncer". I swapped everything and now it actually frikin rips , question is has anyone ever finished one with something like" Rino Liner", you know that kick ass truck bed stuff. I'm thinking about spraying that stuff on it and thought I'ld ask
Cool that's what I was thinkin. Tomorow I'm gona do it .I'll try to post a picture. Anything you might add?
Ooh Ooh I know, loose the strap locks and put them I-bolt thingy's in it.
That could be fun...you'd have a guitar that could bounce

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Tight! Then make your pickguard out of that stamped metal they build the truck tool boxes out of (with the cross-hatched diamonds).

And give your headstock a veneer or tire tread.

And change the stop piece with some car part, kind of like how this guy used a barn hinge

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And you may want to put some metal plating over where your arm will be so you don't build up 10 thick forearm calluses on just your right arm
Well I had it done and it totally went to sht. Somehow it didn't cure properly and I had to sprape all that crap off, what a frickin mess.
so, are you gonna retry?
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"Hell Yeah". Now I found an old mud flap made of diomand plate I'll use that for a pick guard. Any ideas how to cut alunimum plate? Will a good "jig-saber saw" work with a metal blade? The holes for the pick-ups seem hard to do?
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