So i always play my jay turser green guitar.... my black excel i just well....didnt like, and it had scratches all over it...so i decided to take it apart.... im currently sanding all of the black paint off it and getting the wood look on it for now...then im thinkin of staining it maybe a coat of red then brown or something....but then i was thinking i want a crazy design on it also.... So its completly taken apart and i was wonder what i should do with it....ive never really messed with anything other than a regular already put together guitar..... Soooo anything cool i should like paint on it or do to it???
Marijuana is not a drug! its simply a plant
do whatever comes to you man, if your looking at your guitar and all of a sudden, in your minds eye, you see something that's just like "I want to play something that looks like that," do it.
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....Yeah... well i was thinking like airbrushing marijuana leaves like floating all over it, but i want to know what some of your guys's ideas are,
Marijuana is not a drug! its simply a plant
Aw come on... noone has any crazy ideas they want to share?

Marijuana is not a drug! its simply a plant
do like inlays all over the body with different materials
thatd be so cool

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well..i cant find a picture of it and it would take a long time cutting out the stencils but it will work with any color in 3 different shades, it looks like camouflage but its actually skulls if you look close..i have it as a shirt lol..

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