So ive been playing bass for about 3 months everyday, owned my bass since June, but it sat there gathering dust due to medical reasons, car was hit by a drunk driver and had a crush right hand, several brakes in my arm and ribs, ive regained 95% mobility in my hand and it should be completely fine by next June, I think one of the reasons my mobility is back is because of the bass playing forcing me to use my fingers and build up strength.

Im not completely hopeless at playing but ive seem to hit a wall, i can play though a few songs completely, with minor mistakes, Money Master of Puppets, The Trooper, various things by Black Sabbath, and the intro to Sweet Child o' Mine. But other songs are giving me difficulty. I cant seem to find the rhythm to play some of the songs at specifically songs with the bass mixed low. i was thinking of picking up a metronome to help set it to the songs BPM and play along with that to get use to the song. Is this a good idea or am i just wasting my cash on it?

Also im having a hard time using my ring finger in gallops, i can get triplets with two fingers fairly easily, are there anytips to getting the three finger gallop down?

And my last question is, what are some other songs with well defined bass lines you can hear durring the song, ive checked the Need a Song thread but it doesn't really specify this, i find these songs more enjoyable to play along to since i have a reference.

Thanks in advance for any replies and reading the Topic.
a metronome is always a must. other than that i dont know anything about bass.
I would recommend getting a metronome and some drum loops. Both are going to help you lock your timing. As a bassist, you are a vital part of the rhythm section and being locked in with a drummer as the invincible rhythm front is necessary. Beyond your bass and amp, I think its important that every bass player own a metronome/tuner and a good strap.

Three finger gallop is a matter of practice. Get your metronome, set it to a lower bpm and start building the skill. When you can play the triplet consistently and with good tone, then push up the bpm. And btw, while I can do the triplet gallop slowly with three fingers, I still find the two finger method a bit more efficient and faster, but that may just be me.

And as far as the song selection--since you are more of a metal fan than I am, I'll leave that to someone who plays a bit more in that genre.
1st- Get a metronome, it helps quite a bit. Listening to the song with your bass on your lap without playing also helps to get a feel for the song.

2nd- practice practice practice! Exercise the ring finger often (stretches, playing with just that finger) and you'll get used to playing with it. (eventually)

3rd- RHCP has their bass turned up pretty high and Flea is a very good bassist. I've been following his songs for a long time and my playing has improved tenfold since I started.

Hope I help
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anarkee KKING911 and redsox o4, thanks for the quick responses and the sugestions , the next time im at the music store ill look at the metronomes.

To anarkee im a huge metal fan, but i own a complete pink floyd discography (mostly on records, i have the wall signed by roger waters, when i saw him in toronto for my 20th and met him at the hard rock cafe.), am a huge rush fan too, im not a one trick pony, im all over the chart classic rock, hard rock and metal usually but i go on psychedelic rock, progressive and other music benders quite often, theres more out there then head banging .
To hold you over for a bit or to save on some cash, here's a free online metronome, http://www.metronomeonline.com/. And as for a good bassline (also the only one my lazy ass has sat through and learned so far >< is "For Whom The Bell Tolls". Pretty simple line, but fun to play. Especially when using my overdrive and wah for the intro =D
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If you're a huge Rush fan, just listen to Rush dude. You can always hear Geddy.
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If you're a huge Rush fan, just listen to Rush dude. You can always hear Geddy.

I can always hear Geddy i just cant play any of it, dont have the speed down, and when i do try to play faster my accuracy goes way down
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Metallica has some stuff that fits your description. Enter Sandman is a good one. Rage Against the Machine as well, play Killing In The Name and Bulls On Parade. I agree with what was said about RHCP as well. Some good songs that aren't too difficult but still fun are Otherside and Californication are two songs that I play almost every time I pick up my bass. Dani California is very easy, just octave stuff mostly. But fun. Also, if you like Incubus, play I Wish You Were Here. Easily heard bassline, fantastic song.

Really, you can just go to the "Top 100" tabs here on UG, then sort them by top 100 bass tabs, and you'll have quite a selection.
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First of all, I'm sorry to hear about your accident, and well done for sticking at it and getting through it. Anyway, triplets and a gallop are two different things:

Triplets are breaking one beat into three notes, where as a gallop is generally an eigth note (or quaver) and two sixteenth notes (or semi-quavers).

Common ways to play them with the ring finger are:

3 = Ring finger
2 = Middle finger
1 = Index finger

a) 3-2-1 2-3-2 1-2-3
b) 3-2-1 3-2-1 3-2-1
c) 1-3-2 1-3-2 1-3-2
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If you're a huge Rush fan, just listen to Rush dude. You can always hear Geddy.

Yeah, but if you're not a huge Rush fan, it's typically because of that exact same reason!

As far as 3-finger galloping, try various finger combonations that suit you. Personally, I can't get a consistant tone going 1-2-3, and when I go 3-2-1, playing anything after that other than another triplet gets me confused. I like the 1-3-2 way the best... but then again, it's possible to just do a triplet with 2 fingers - Entwistle and Harris do it.
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im feel for you about not being able to play bass. i cant go without an insturment for over a week. i go nuts. as for your galloping. rate what you need with the BPM. if its pretty slow. dio's holy diver and sabbaths heaven and hell come to mind. just do the gallops with 2. when you get to the faster stuff. ie. some of iced earths bass gallops, i tend to stick to the tripple finger keeping it 3-2-1-3-2-1