I have PeerGuardian open and I am watching random IPs try to connect to me. Some of them them seemed to be scanning me for open ports because it was the same IP connecting on different ports every time. Why is this happening? It is really bugging me, is someone trying to hack my PC? Maybe I have a trojan or spyware?
isnt that how you get hacked? id put a firewall up just to stay on the safe side...
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I don't know, why would someone be scanning me for an open port unless they want to hack my PC? I keep blocking the IPs (my hardware and software firewalls should take care of that anyways) but then a new IP starts doing it.
just sounds like some tosser portscanning, prolly your whole ip range, not just you...if your computers fully updated and whatnot i wouldnt worry about it, your not running any server apps so you should be safe.
I am not running any server apps atm, sometimes I run Ascent (WoW private server) and a web server. I closed the ports for that on my firewall.
are you on wireless? could you have "enable internet sharing" on?

i really don't know very much about computer stuff so if this makes no sense just ignore it.
be careful if your hosting server stuff, get a decent firewall and make sure its set up properly.
I doubt it is someone trying to hack you. It could be the router, printer, network, etc. Lots of communication goes on between things, and yet we don't even know it.