This has probably been asked before, but I'd like to know why in the heck are these amp so cheap? I've heard really good reviews about these amps and am interested in playing on one soon, because I'm in the market to buy a new amp and go tube this time. Why are these things so cheap for an all tube amp? Do they break easily? Do they go to hell quickly after you buy them or what?

EDIT: The reason I ask this on here is because I know a dealer isn't going to tell me. They just want to make money...
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The stock speaker in them isn't the best, but it's a quick fix if you want to put some Vintage 30's in there or another speaker of your choice.
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They're cheap because Peavey decided they wanted to start a line of cheap amps. So they cut every corner they could think of, put them together in China, and sell 'em cheap. There have definitely been some reliability issues with them. If you're buying it with the intention of putting in a better speaker, I'd suggest you look to get yourself a nice amp in the first place. Otherwise, getting the VK head and a decent/cheap cab like something from Avatar might be a good way to go. Even Peavey's higher end speakers aren't so hot.
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