We do. I saw this on Austar last night.
For those who care.
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lol, that was pretty funny
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Yeah but thats on cable tv. Cable is so cheap in america that everyone gets it...
I refuse to pass judgment because all of those men are amazing


I give up

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That was epic.
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that fight in australian rugby leagues state of origin. let me tell you the story.
there are the blues and the maroons, new south wales are the blues, queensland are the maroons. obviously, the colour jerseys they wear. anyway.
the queensland coach hears from the nsw dressing room that the person who yells "queenslander!" in the scrum gets punched. first scrum of the second half, someone yells it. MASSIVE ALL IN BRAWL!!!
it finally ends, the coach gets the two captains over, andrew johns and someone else. cant remember who. andrew johns got absolutely dropped by the other guy during the fight, so he runs AROUND the ref and punches the guy in the jaw! fight starts again!
pretty epic.