I'm setting up a home project studio and was wonding if the Vox Custom Classic AC15CC1 would be enough for recording? I know that you should typically be between 20-30w for an all-tube for recording. Miking an amp is new to me as far as recording goes so I could use some advice. Will I still be able to pull out a good tone for recording with 15w?

Thanks guys
15 watts is definetly enough for recording. Actually for recording generally it's better to have osmething with a low wattage. You iwll probably get a BETTER recording tone with a 15W amp than with something with more wattage.

But IMO the AC15 is a so so amp, maybe there are better choices? To start with, what do you play?
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I'm trying not to spend anything over 600 but if i HAVE to spend more I will.

Like I said, its a home studio with neighbors all around so I'm glad to hear that a 15 will do.
I was gonna do the same thing, Gabe... haha. Except, for $40 more, you can swing it's big brothers, which do excellent tones at lower volumes.

Play with mic placement. ALOT.

Pretty much any of the 15 watter out there will do what you need, although, some of your likes, like Muse, will need a fuzz.
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Excellent suggestion! Much better than the AC15CC, IMHO (and I say that as the owner of an AC30CC). Might want to jump on this blem Hughs & Kettner before someone else does, too.
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I'm diggin the Hughs & Kettner edition tube 20.
But I think I'll save some money and just get an MG. Much more versatile and GREAT tone.