Armed with a handful of songs and our instruments, my band and myself would like to enter the wide world of recording and of course we're all broke.

We've managed to get a little down with Audacity and PC Mics, but it all sounds like hell.

Does anyone know of some cheap ways to record that also manage to sound not half bad? Keep in mind this would be for a four piece band plus vocals. I'm looking for specific equipment if possible, but any advice will be appreciated.
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I was in the same situation last week.... I must recommend the Line6 Toneport. There are mixed reviews everywhere but for me its perfect witha little tinkering. Just make sure you read the Audacity thread in the Riffs and Recording forum and you'll have no trouble!
Not knowing your hardware, setup, sound, etc. i can't offer any specifics, but i can tell you this... I found great deals on my interface, mics, preamps, and cords on eBay and I'm very pleased with everything.

I would do your homework first to see what is available to suit your needs. MusicFriend.com was a big help to me. Then I'd do some deal hunting. Check out the popular sites like craigslist and also look for community sites with a selling/wanted area. A lot of bands in your area may be trying to liquidate some of their equipment that might match your needs.

Recording costs add up very quickly so searching for the best deals on what your band needs rather than the cheapest thing that will sound decent is the most important thing imo. Also being sure of what you need so you don't end up buying lots of useless stuff!!