I bought a second hand Vintage Metal Axxe Warp yesterday, unplayed, owned for a year £50, BARGAIN!


It didnt come with any allen keys, and the one i own that appears to be the right size wont unlock hte nut?

For the first restringing, is it as easy to try it myself, or get a guitar shop to do it, who i assume will balance the bridge in the process?

If the bridge is already balanced and you don't alter the gauge or tuning, it won't need to be balanced again.

Restringing isn't a hard process, it just takes long, so you could take it to a tech, but it's not neccessary.

As for allen keys, you'll need various sizes to fully adjust the bridge, so you might want to pick up a set from a hardware store. These sets are commonly found in the "5$"-bins, so you don't need to spend much.
You've read it, you can't un-read it!
if the one you have is the right size and wont undo the nut you're just not turning hard enough, or turning the wrong way

i always think its a good idea although not essential to take your guitar to a shop to get the first set of new springs on because if its your first time with a floyd or youre changing gauges or whatever its gonna save you some headaches and it doesnt cost that much and you'll probably get your fretboard cleaned as well so why not