i dont have too much money to spend but i dont want something ****te
i used to have the m-audio fast track but that thing was a POS so can someone reccomend me one. budget is 100 dollars

ps. im not sure if this thread is ok in here but i didnt think it fit in original recordings or covers so yea thanks
Check out the Line6 Toneport - When I bought mine it was a toss between the Fasttrack and Toneport - after reading reviews and getting advice from the guy at my local guitar shop (who also records at home) I went for the Toneport and was not disappointed! My local shop offer a free demo on the gear so try and get the same, then you can see how well the product works.
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i plan on using a mic so the tone port is ehh

Not to be a douche, but if you are going to picky you should put in a couple hours overtime and up your budget. Just my two cents...

I do have to say I am pleased with my Lexicon Omega though. The Cubase it came with drove me NUTS but the equipment itself works like a charm.
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