Can someone tell me a "right" and easily understood way to tune down a step from drop D, i'm confused (i'm pretty brainless
now i don't play much in drop d but i reckon you could just place a capo on the second fret and retune your guitar to drop d and it should be in... what ever it is you want it to be in, or you could have it in standard tuning and place it on the 4th fret and retune, but im not too sure about the exact frets you should put the capo on, i think its right
when you put you 6th string in drop D, its dropping that string 1 full step (2 frets). so you drop all six string down two more frets (after the drop D). making it drop C.
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You know that method where you fret the fifth (or fourth) fret and makes the notes sound the same? Just do that and it will take you from drop-d to D standard (down 1 step).

If you don't have a tuner, that is the easiest way to do it.