I'm going to put on a cancer benefit for my late gf Samantha.. Come in here to help..

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K, here is an update (as of 5-13-08). Finding a suitable venue has been hard, but I think I've found one. Firewater in Dallas http://www.firewaterdallas.com/ . It has an awesome outdoor stage and an indoor stage as well, which will allow me to have separate genres (rock and indie) playing. I think I have decided on a date as well, September 13th. I'm thinking about holding a car show as a precursor to the rock show to help raise money for costs. I'd like to to an outdoor dual-stage thing in a park, but this first year I'm going to have to keep costs down to raise more money. Next year we will be able to do it bigger. I have a few people down to put together a fashion show as well. Not sure if I'm gonna do that or not though. Let me know what you guys think, and if you know of anyone willing to sponsor, as that's where most of the expenses will be relieved. Thank you all so much for your support. I know many of you have messaged me and posting things on my profile, I have read them all and am SO thankful. I might not have replied to them all yet, but you are in my thoughts, and I mean to when I have time.

K guys. It's probably still fresh in your mind, but for those who never saw, here's the original thread Things have been very hard as you all know, but they have been getting better. I've been talking with Sammies best friend and she's been able to provide me with some amount of comfort. I've decided I'm going to put on the biggest cancer benefit show I can in Dallas Tx, and give all the proceeds to the American Cancer Society. (cancer.org) I have yet to decide on the venue, format or bands, but I would love to do an all-day event outside (and inside later) somewhere in dallas. Some of her family from iowa might even come down for it. I'm hoping to get some brainstorming ideas from you guys. I'd like for it to be a rock/alt oriented show, maybe throwing in some blues and country to spread out the crowd a little. I was thinking the show would be late summer, to give me enough time to find sponsors and bands. I want it in the summer, as that was Sammies favorite time of the year.

If any of you guys have any suggestions, referrals, or anything to possibly help out, that would be great.

THANK YOU to all of you who posted your condolences in the other thread. It is unreal how many people sam was able to touch through us. I'm sorry I haven't responded to everyones PMs and profile posts, but just so you know, they have ALL been read and even though I might not hit you up for a pm to talk, it still means the world to me that you guys offered. I would not hesitate to call you a good friend if I saw you at a show, regardless of how much or little I really know you.

Sam was the most selfless person I have ever known, and always lived for others over herself. She visited and volunteered with children with cancer in hospitals, and NEVER thought of herself. Thankfully, she had rubbed off on me a good amount. She would love for something like this to happen. So as I said, any help any of you can provide would be great. I've booked shows for a while with my band and other bands, but nothing on a big scale, or at least a big of a scale Sam deserves.

Here's another pic or two, of the girl who changed my life forever. RIP baby I love you.

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I'd be honored to help in anyway possible. How could i go about that? I'd donate money...but as all of us are, i'm flat broke.
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Great Idea Dude
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Money is not what I'm looking for at all. Just curious to you guys thought. What benefit concerts have you been that went well, what did they do, how did things happen. I could probably manage on my own, but the esteemed opinions and creative ideas of the ug community are what I value most right now
**** man, I wish I could help out but theres not too much I can do from Chicago. I know promoters and venues around this area but Texas is out of my reach. Anything I can do online for you, I'd be happy to help. I'd suggest talking to the ACS and let them know what you want to do, then maybe the city govt to see if they can help you out with a venue in a city park or something like that. local Radio and TV stations could also help you out.

Its a good thing your doing, keep up the good work. I can speak for everyone in both of my bands when I say let us know if we can help in any way.
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This is really, really sweet of you. Your gf sounds like an amazing person and having a show like this would mean a lot to her family and everyone who knew her. I think at the show it would be good to have a place where people can learn more about cancer/people living with it and maybe volunteer to help out in any way they can.
I wouldn't know, you could take the profit from the admission (say $_ a head or something) and take the money from that. There is other ways you can do it but I have never organized such a event.

Hope I helped a bit
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id donate but i dont have paypal and im flat broke aswell

ive been reading all your other threads and im pretty sure me aswell as the whole UG are behind you

mabye you could get some admins for sponsers off this site?? or have UG as a sponser?
I agree with the guy who said talking to the ACS, they might be able to help you in terms of having some pull with promoters/venues, as would the local radio station. Try and even get on your local news if it's possible?
Other than that, I wouldn' really know what else to do. But I commend you on doing this, if there's any way for us to help via interwebz, I'm sure you'll have a tonne of support.
i would help out man but being in Australia there is NOT alot i can do and im flat broke

sorry man
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i agree that this is a great idea but get people to help you out man, it's a big thing for one person to take on. you definately got the UG army behind you already.
Hey Bro,

Oustanding idea!

The only advice I can give you is to put together a "real" business plan for it. Get in contact with the local (or closest thing to it) chapter of the ACS and show it to them. Make it as official as you can, and then go to the local media for support. (radio, newspaper and TV stations)

You'll be surprised how much support you'll get if you give it a professional approach. The main thing about charity fundraisers is people want to see official documentation otherwise they may not want to commit to donations.

If you get enough media exposure, you might even get the venue donated as well.

Make no mistake. This could be huge, but you're going to work harder than you ever have to make it work. Sounds like you're the man for the task though.

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Try and advertise it as much as possible eg. Magazines, Tv, radio, newspaper etc. That will increase turn out and in turn get more money for charity. Also tell everyone that it is for cancer and maybe share samantha's story with everyone.
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I think this is an AMAZING idea! I am sorry that I cant help or give advice but I wish you the best of luck that it goes smoothly. She looks like she was a fantastic person and beautiful person.
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Fantastic idea, I think you got the whole UG supporting this idea. Get as much advertising as possible (Flyers, newspapers) and get friends to spread the gig by word of mouth. I personally wouldn't put a charge at the door, but make it so people have the choice how much to donate, but maybe that's just me

Good luck with the idea, hope it all goes well

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Yea I've contacted the ACS and they are getting a local rep to contact me here in a few days. I'm working on putting together a plan professionally and it is going to take some work. Umm, I'm thinking about making a myspace page for the benefit. I know alot of you aren't from my area, but I know you could help by posting stuff up on the wall, kinda creating a buzz, ya know?

If any of you are pretty good at designing flyers who would be willing to volunteer services if need be, that would be awesome. I know I suck at photoshop and everytime I try to load mine up, my comp crashes . I think I have a couple local DJs I could get to advertise it too. I'll keep you guys posted as things progress.
great idea man
just remember, it never hurts to ask anyone anything, so don't be discouraged to try and get the most help possible from anyone
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Hmm myspace not a bad idea i know plenty of people willing to donate if u need to. Ill do anything to help u im alittle far being in New York but just get back to me and what i could do to help u with this its a great idea.
Thank you guys. Well, I've got a great dallas band who said they would come play. Faktion. Miser possibly will too, I just need to get hold of them. A dj from the dallas area rock station 102.1 said he would be down to help out and possibly get the station involved. I've hit up the local ACS and they are getting someone to get in touch with me about the benefit. I also have the support of a the local mustang/car enthusiast community, and they can put on a pretty good car show while the bands play up on stage. Things are starting to come together.

And a big thanks to Mike from Dust To Ashes for posting up the story on his bands blog --> http://www.myspace.com/dust2ashes
It was very moving, thank you. I'll pm you back shortly, but I'm on lunch from work and it's about time to head back.
Awesome idea! I organised one last year when my friend died in a car crash, for his favorite charity. We only raised about £300, but it was all worth it to let people know.
So far, the support has been enormous! I've already got a ton of volunteers, the American Cancer Society has contacted me and will be involved. I've had several people with contacts saying they'll talk to them and they might be interest. Ive even heard Downing Pool and Something Corporate may help out. I have bands out the wazzoo willing to play and help out. I have several several potential sponsors that are looking very good, as I've had conversations with people who know them, and they will be very likely to help. The only thing I need is a place to do it at. The thing you guys could do for me, would be just create a buzz in the online community. (don't name drop DP or SC just yet lol) I posted a blog in my myspace about it if you want to refer people there. -> www.myspace.com/tgmarks. I don't want to post one in my bands profile until I have more concrete info about the event.
I think it's a great idea, and I also give my condolences. I just feel like I need to say, the American Cancer Society does almost nothing. My friend's older sister used to work there, and almost no money goes towards cancer. I don't want to make you feel worse at all, I just feel like I would be hurting your cause if I didn't say anything.

Edit: about the ACS thing, I truly hope that it's not true, but I believe that it is. Still, I think you should definitely do it.
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Money is not what I'm looking for at all. Just curious to you guys thought. What benefit concerts have you been that went well, what did they do, how did things happen. I could probably manage on my own, but the esteemed opinions and creative ideas of the ug community are what I value most right now

First I suggest doing some research and conducting surveys. Get people's opinions on the benefit you plan on throwing and ask them whether or not they would come.

Once you have a reasonable estimate as to how many people you can expect, you can start negotiating with bands and such. If you want to get some bigger names, it's going to be a little hard to get them to sign on without much information. They'll likely play if it's going to have a big showing.

I wish you the best of luck, and I'm sorry for your loss.
Out here in Omaha, we hold events in a huge park. Try to get permission from the city to hold it in a huge park, I'm sure Dallas will have one that could suit it. I think this is a marvelous thing you're doing. Stay Strong.

EDIT: I think calling local radio stations and asking the DJ's what artists get asked the most to play could be a good idea to see what people listen to around that area. If you try really hard, tell them what you're trying to do, you might have a really good chance of getting them to come.
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You should get a female singer to come and sing the song "Toy Soldiers" by Martika. It's one of those perfect memorial songs.
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That's a really great idea. I don't really have any advice on how to make it any better, but if it's at a time when I'm home from school, I'd love to try and make it out there, since I live around Dallas. Good luck with everything.
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Hey, make sure you get in contact with as many local businesses as possible, if they have any sort of heart they might help you out financially/providing services etc.
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I don't have a lot of cash...but if you are comfortable with PMing me an address, I'll send what I can.

This is a great idea, by the way. Here's to finding a cure.

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try and get some sponsors and get on the radio, y'know, publicise it
I would love to, but I am sorry. I'd donate and play, but I have a schedule going on. If you get another one going I'd gladly be in the benefit. I cannot stand hearing about benefits that go badly, just look at m'main man Chuck Schuldiner...st00pid American Healthcare...
Anyways, just contact me if you get another started in a couple months or whatever, I'd be more than glad to help.
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Get in touch with as many local bands as you can. I'm sure they'll be willing to play for the benefit show when they see all the hard work you've put towards it and how much you cared for her.

Try to find an empty lot or something like that so you don't have to give part of the benefit money to the venue.
This May Seem A Little Dreaming But Why Don't You Contact Some Of Her Favorite Bands (If She Had Any) And Ask Them To Play The Show Your Putting Together.
Most People Would Jump At A Chance To Just Help Out Like That.
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Depending on when the benefit is held, I might be in Texas (I'm there for like, half of every year), and if I am, I will absolutely come to your gig. If I'm down there, I'd be willing to hand out flyers or something too. Good luck.
I'm booked to play a benefit concert in a month or two. We use the park in the middle of town and just set up donation boxes all over. Its a free venue, and if you use donation boxes, people are more encouraged to donate whatever they feel they can. You're doing a great thing here, I'm sorry about your loss and you'll be in my prayers.
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