Hi....I posted this on another forum too, I apologize if you saw it there. I am looking for a pickguard that looks transparent in the sense that it closely matches the paint. Right now I have a white one on and don't care much for the oreo look.

I am shopping at wdmusic.com and they have 7 different black pickguards to choose from:

5 layer B/W/B/W/B
3 layer B/W/B
Black .090
Black Anodized
Cream Black
Black Thin

Here's a link to the list with samples: http://www.wdmusic.com/fender_american_standard_p_13550_ctg.htm

Any idea which of these would most seemlessly match the glossy black paint of my bass's body? Thanks.

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You will not get a pickguard that will totally blend in with the bass to make it look like it doesnt even have one. The first two have white in the layering so the white will stick out. I'm not a pickguard whiz but the Black Anodized and the Cream Black have names that sound like they will not be gloss black. So that leaves the Black .090, Blakelite, and the Black Thin. Personally I would go for the Black thin. lol
Guitar Centers have pick guards. Take your bass in and compare hands on.
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Is that an MIA?

Is this what you want it to look like?

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go with black on black (no bwb) for the roger water's vibe.

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