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This might be strange but i actually feel more comfortable playin guitar after a few drinks... Do you feel you can play guitar better when drunk....or high. ? Or am i the only one?
When I drink, I suck at guitar. When I'm stoned, I usually can't be arsed.

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I usually compose/play in an unaltered state, but once, out of curiosity I set up a tape recorder, got drunk, then messed around. I then listened to the tape after I was sober just for laughs.
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totally agree dude......the hard part is to try to remember exacally what you plaayed. I/ve written son fantastic sounding tunes while high.....just wish i can remember it the next day...
yeh i agree, playing after a few drinks makes it more comfortable, its strange but fun, just make sure u dont have too many drinks beforehand:P
well you need practice at it. i know it sounds odd. but you feel more comfortable, but you probably don't play as well. but the more you do it, the more creative your stuff would be, but you would need practice at it to play well.
it is quite a bit of fun

i just relax and go with things, i don't stress and my hands just do their thing

it's kind of like your body just goes into auto-pilot for most things

if you were playing something in particular and you hit a wrong still sounds good to you/you don't care and you just keep rockin' out
I find there's a fine line between drinking improving my playing and drinking ruining my playing. One drink makes no difference, two or three just make me appear more relaxed and into it with better solos, anymore and I start to look like an idiot and my solos don't sound as good as I think they do.
After a couple of drinks, yes.
After 5 Cruisers, 5 Vodka Shots & 1 Tequila Shot, apparently so. I don't remember

Lulz, apparently I was completly unconcious :P


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i never understood how some people could get so trashed and play entire concerts black out wasted. I know people that can't remember playing shows, and forget words to their own songs but still manage to play more cleanly than me through it all. it's kind of frustrating really. if I drink more than like 3 or 4 beers, I start my journey from not good to actively very very bad.
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Man I a degree. I was in a side project acoustic band about 2 1/2 years ago here in LA. We had a gig at B.B. Kings one night, and one of the few covers that we did was an acoustic version of "Lost In Hollywood" by System of a down, which was right after the Mezmerize CD had been released. We hung out having drinks and a few shots for a couple hours before our set watching some of the bands before us. I would normally have a couple drinks before a set as it helped me relax. Well anyways, during our set, there was a lot of switching from dropped to standard tuning, and I happened to forget to drop tune my acousting for that particular song, about 3/4 of the way through the 1st verse I realized this(the dropped tuning isn't really used until the chorus), and because of my severely alcohol influenced state(which is why It slipped my mind to drop tune in the 1st place), I wasn't able to adapt to playing to compensate for that. I basically ruined the song and goes down as the worst, by far, show I've ever had. It blew the BIG Monkey

I'm convinced that the worst possible feeling in the world is starting a song that everyone starts screaming about and then ruining it because of some stupid, completely avoidable mistake.

From that point on I decided a couple drink minimum before playing.

Let me just add though, in the writing and sometimes the recording process I find that sometimes some great sh!t comes out after I've smoked some bud and/or had a few drinks.
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ya ok a few drinks seems to be the limit. ther is a ceiling and if you cross that your playin will suffer.... A few drinks can be good to calm the nerves. Just don't over do it.
yeah, I feel more confortable too, but try to record what you're playing and listening when sober... it just sucks lol
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Playing after a few beers is great. As long as you can still stand you can still play.

I find I play/sing better intoxicated. (if I remember what I'm playing)
Just need to practice its like learning again only more fun cause your pissed. Though the lines definately there if you cant walk and talk chances are you cant play.

But nah.

I play just as well drunk as sober..
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I wouldn't play whilst drunk, but I love playing after having a couple of drinks to get loose.

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I suck after a few drinks, I cant do it at all,

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I find it difficult to play anything past basic chords when drunk.

The numbing effect of alcohol stops me from 'feeling' the strings properly and my fingers go in thhe wrong places
I broke my machine heads off when I was drunk.

But I blame it on that stupid girls face.
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Have a couple of pints before a gig... Works a treat...

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I play way better after a couple. Or i just enjoy it more.
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A few drinks before a gigs good just as long as you dont have to run to the bathroom halfway through a song to throw up! bin there done that!
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totally agree dude......the hard part is to try to remember exacally what you plaayed. I/ve written son fantastic sounding tunes while high.....just wish i can remember it the next day...

I think it's just a matter of balance; just enough drinks to feel good, but nothing beyond that. But yeah it does feel good to play after a few drinks!
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a few drinks can get you feeling great, but then once you have that one more drink, i beleive its all bad from there.

unless everyone youre playing for is as drunk/ more drunk than you, it doesent seem to work

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After a couple of drinks, yes.
After 5 Cruisers, 5 Vodka Shots & 1 Tequila Shot, apparently so. I don't remember

Lulz, apparently I was completly unconcious :P

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man you didnt played better while you were drunk ... you just didnt hear the worst part that you played :P
i dont tested it after a few drinks
i only tested it after a lot of drinks and
i sucked
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well, in the summer out camping my dad has a few with the boys and sings karaoke, usually he cant sing for **** all, but when he has a few, hes actually not that bad, kinda like when yer gonna have sex after havin a few when yer nervous, you just loosen up (as in not as nervous, not talking about vagilooseness) and dont worry about things, kinda like on family guy when peter only can play piano when hes drunk
a pal of mine says after a few drinks all his bass playing becomes amazing. I told him he was just too drunk to notice the mistakes. As for me? well, i dont drink (which is very rare for a scotsman) apart from on special occasions which i drink a whisky, so i don't know.

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I can play piano a lot better and faster when I'm drunk, but It doesn't make too much difference to other instruments. If I'm at someone's party and they have a piano or a keyboard, my party trick getting completely wasted and blasting out a set.
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I remember the Too Drunk To Pluck article from Total Guitar last year sometime.
Made me laugh that.
But yeah, I always sound crap, so a few beers doesn't change much.
I can't play properly when drunk, after a few drinks it may be nicer to play to people though.

And playing for others is fun too when you're a little high, not too much though.
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