At the moment iam learning bits of songs or the whole lot of a song and i feel tht i can play well. But when it comes to recording what i am playing or showing some1, i just forget what iam doing or start to think about other things while iam playing. This then obviously messes the song up. Part of it is nerves aswell and the stupid thing is i could be only showing one person what iam playing.

Can any1 help us and give us a few tips ?? Or maybe tell us the technique to overcome this.

This feels stupid because a musican should be able to play to people and recordings.
dont worry about it dude, i use to have the same prooblem when people where watching me play. What i did to get over it was i use to just practice infront of people, it may sound stupid but its worked for me, so the next time someones in your room or somewhere with ya, just pick up your guitar and start playing
^ he's right, I used to be the same. Then I started just walking around the house playing in front of who ever was there, also try playin while not thinking about playing (if you know what I mean)