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but seriously, I got a Strat with really tight strings....does NOT feel good at all to bend em and i cannot shred with it....how do i loosen the string tensions...without down tuning.
Lower the action?
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just do a bend up and down every fret on every string
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if the strings are new, you gotta bend them in.... if theyre old, try changing the action, or the srting guage. i used to play 10s, then switched to 9s... i randomly tried out some 11s a week or two ago, and could not handle them at all. its amazing the difference guage makes.
Change the string gauge, lower the action, and buy a guitar with a shorter scale.

Really though, I'm surprised you bought the guitar with the knowledge that you found it difficult to play.
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But to the TS: Either drop down in string gauge, or downtune.