what would you recommend as a good gauge? I also play alot of drop D...
I last used purple slinkies, maybe I should go one up?
You can get away with standard gauge with that tuning, but if you want to go slightly heavier thats fine. Just make sure you have a long scale length guitar.
I'd go for 11-56, but probably you have to adjust the neck of your guitar. There should be some workshops on UG covering that topic.
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Use 12s
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what strings are you normally used to? If you play 11's in standard then go for 12's in drop C, play 10's then go for either hybrid 10-52 or 11's.
depends on your preference really.

for drop c i use 10-52, coz im a pansy. but if your fingertips are made out of titanium or something get some brootalz gauge strings.
i use 12 gauge cause i'm tuned to drop B,
but if you're using drop C, try a set of skinny
top-heavy bottoms.
I play 11s in standard and 13s in D-Standard/Drop C. For every half step you downtune, you should generally go up 1 gauge.
I played 12's when my band used drop C. I now tune to "BAGDAD" in my new band (awesome tuning, I know) so I use 13s.