Hi.I'm a 23y.o. lead guitarist based in Wiltshire.I'm looking for bassist,rhythm guitarist,singer,drummer....for a jam or to form a serious band.
Influences:Aerosmith,Guns N' Roses,Ac/Dc,Metallica,Smashing Pumpkins...
Hey, i live in wiltshire too...chippenham. where exactly do you live? Im 15, not sure if thats a bit young for what youre talking about, however ive played for 6 years so my guitaring skills are fairly advanced. PM me back please. ;p

(soon as im in history atm)
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Hi.Thanks for your reply.I'm based in Market Lavington,that's not too far from Chippenham.Everything else seems all right.you've been playing for 6 years that is good.Favorite bands?
By the way i have no idea how to reply 'cos this is my first day on U.G...but it seems all right,doesn't it.
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AC/DC, GnR, Metallica, Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Bon Jovi, Led Zep and the rest
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cant this weekend as im skating, perhaps we can sort out something for next weekend. Can you come on for 7.30pm today my history lesson is ending