I've got a 90's Peavey Classic 30 that has never had the tubes replaced. Looking around on the main tube thread, I'm thinking JJ's look pretty good. Anyone else have experience with those? The 30 requires 3 12AX7 and 4 EL84.

Also, I am not quite clear on the matched set issue? Is there anything I need to be concerned about there? As far as biasing goes, if I am getting the tubes above do I need to be concerned? I thought biasing was just the type of tube (e.g. EL84), but what do I know about such things?
Take a look at your amp first. Classic 30s these days come stock with JJs (they sound great by the way!), so make sure you know what yours really are first.

I would say go for some EHX 12AX7s and JJ EL84s. I'm not sure about matching and stuff.

As for biasing the preamp tubes are cathode biased I think, and do not need rebiasing. Power tubes do though, I believe.

^ I believe they are fixed biased, so yes they really need to be serviced and rebiased if you put in different tubes. Peavey said in a Email to someone on here that they don't need to be rebiased but they are indeed are fixed biased and any one who knows much about tubes will tell you that fix biased amps must be serviced if you want to use differnt tubes other than the exact tubes that came with the amp.
As far as tubes go,.. JJ el84 are awesome, I really like the high gain tubes, but I'm into hard rock tones, and it really gives this amp a little kick on the OD side. As far as pre amps go, the ones in the amp a probably still good, preamp tube last 4-5 time longer than power tubes. But if you want to replace them, ton-sol are really nice 12ax7, EH are nice to, JJ 12ax7 are higher gain, but aren't nearly as nice sound on the clean. I would go all ton-sols, or a combenation of EH and JJ.
You don't need to replace the 12ax7's... preamp tubes take a long long time to wear out. Unless you are replacing them for another reason. Some people think you have to replace your preamp tubes everytime you change tubes but you don't. Some people keep them in for 5 years or more. All you need is a poweramp change. And you might not even need that. How long have you had the amp and how much do you play it? Tubes can last a very long time. Theres people who replace them in 3 months and think its gonna make a difference. Also all of these different brands and such don't sound that much different either. to me anyway. I know some will disagree. I stick with electro harmonix tubes because I get 4 power amp tubes for 50 bucks from my friend who owns a music store.
If he has a C30 from the 90s that hasn't had it's tubes changed, we can safely assume they've been in there for more than 8 years minimum. Unless the clocks went back. Bloody farmers.
Well he sounds like hes changing the tubes for the first time. Its according how long they've been in there from who he bought it from. If the power tubes are still working and look great and sound the same no reason to change.
^ I would change them any way, 8+ years is way to long to have the same power tubes unless it has not been used very much at all. Most likly if the amp has been used even a little for 8+ years a power tube change will give a lot more life to the sound of the amp.

And Don I don't think ton-sol makes El84s
The bias adjustment issue is the one that is really troubling me. Buying some JJ's and slapping them in is no big deal. Reading and understanding the bias issue though? Not sure what to make of it even when other posters respond and try to help. I suppose I should send a mail to Peavey.