Hey guys, it's pfizer here and I've just found a huge problem with my playing.

For those of you who know, I practice almost exclusively on acoustic since it's my only working guitar right now, and when I practice, I practice mostly songs meant to be played on electric. Somebody once told me that playing on acoustic will also help improve my electric playing.

When I finally got my electric guitar fixed, I tired playing John Petrucci's "Glasgow Kiss" on it which I practice on my acoustic and it sounded horrible mainly because of one thing: NOISE. Everything rang like crazy and even when I turned down the distortion, I could still hear some unwanted string noise like scraping. Turns out that while playing on acoustic builds hand strength, electric guitar requires not as much strength as it does control.

To avoid confusion, palm muting is something I have a good grip on; I just lay the fleshy side of my right hand close to bridge to make those chugga-chugga type riffs. Single notes and lead lines are what I'm having trouble with. Also, riffs that require me to play both the chugga-chugga stuff in tandem with clear, ringing notes are quite difficult, in particular the verse riff from Trivium's A Gunshot to The Head Of Trepidation:


I read up on string dampening and found an excellent thread here that deals with muting and dampening :


It's an excellent thread for sure but I want a sort of practice routine I can do everyday to perfect the technique. A daily regimen and maybe even vids would help immensely. I broke out my ancient electric guitar and am in the process of distilling my playing ability; I've already built up the strength and calluses; what I need now is clarity, speed and coordination. Anyone care to help?
well, with the lead thing, it's always good to mute the string above the one you're currently playing on with your index finger. just have it sitting so that it's only just touching the string. try plucking the string your trying to mute to see if it makes any noise. as far as exercises go, for chugging in tandem with the ringing stuff, just keep practising the songs. try learning master of puppets, it's pretty much that kind of stuff the whole way through. if you can learn to play that properly, you'll not have much problem with palm muting in anything else.