hi dudes..

im looking for a nice hardrock/metal practice amp(tube)

amm 1000$ max!

thx for the help
USD? AUD? that would help plenty.

Would you go used? A 5150 would fit your budget really nicely.
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Used Peavey 5150 or a used Mesa/Boogie Rect-o-Verb would be pretty cool. Maybe a used ENGL Screamer 50 or a Laney VC50.
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USD? AUD? that would help plenty.

Would you go used? A 5150 would fit your budget really nicely.

and new not used
This is a practice amp right? I mean did you say practice amp because you def wanted a practice amp? Or did you mean an all around amp? Some great amps mentioned here but none of them id want as a practice amp.
Engl E530 + Atomic Reactor = Huge Gain at bedroom to small gig volume levels.

Its a bit of a whacky one but it works so well and if you want to go louder you can just get a power amp and speaker cab.
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and new not used

Why? You'll get a much better deal if you go used.
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great practice amp? Roland cube. Why would you want tubes in a practice amp?

I totally agree. You dont want to warm up tubes to play for 3 minutes in a commercial break. Plus you want to be able to turn down really really low at 2 in the morning. Practice amps I stick with solid state. Tubes sound good LOUD. I tried out some tube practice amps and went with a solid state one because the tone was much better esp at low volumes. That being said I'd go for a Kustom, roland, or vox
Practice amp usually means a solid state with a headphone jack.

In that price range I would try:

A Roland Cube 60,

A Randall RG

A Line 6 Flextone
peavey jsx mini collosal... can't be bothered to get you a link but it's on musiciansfriend