Hi I have just started playing acoustic (about a month now)

Have manged to master the simple chords such as A, D, E, Em, Am, C, G

I have started to learn a few easy songs such as:

Hit me baby one more time (No laughing please)

Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol

Rise by Gabrielle

and I am going to try Wake me Up when September Ends by Green Day.

Can anyone else recommend some other easy tunes to start with. Preferably something fairly recent.


hey... I learned "Never too Late" by three days grace. (acoustic parts) its not too hard... but its in drop d. to tune it 2 drop d... hold the 7th fret on the top 'e' string and get it to sound exactly like 'a' string (2nd string down) i think u should be able 2 do it
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Thanks just checked out the chords and that looks straight forward.

Great song too.
Through glass by 'stone sour's' pretty easy. it's in half-step tuning,
but if you're just starting it don't really matter.