k, first I'd like to say that I like mahogany, it has a nice colour, and apart from that, I just like the word.

So I've heard of mahogany bodies, what are they like, and what advantages do they give for different playing styles

And a neck, which I've never heard of being made of mahogany... well, would it work? cause I wanted he whole back of my guitar (Which I'll start building soon) to be the same colour (kinda mahogany coloured) with maybe a rosewood fingerboard thanks
They are heavy, and very warm sounding. Most gibson les pauls are made from mahogany. They offer decent sustain, and a pretty nice grain pattern for staining.

They do make mahogany bodies and necks, I can't think of an example off the top of my head, but I know I have seen them. Yes, it will work with being mahogany.
i used to have and old vintage guitar, probebly a vintage V100, that had a mahogany neck
hey, thats how the dean icon series was built. mahogany body with quilt maple top, mahogany neck, and rosewood fretboard. they look and play like a dream. i give you a thumbs up on your decision.
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Don't most Gibby LPs have Mahogany necks?

Mahogany is a darker sounding wood, so they go very well with humbucking pickups.
Quote by psyks
And a neck, which I've never heard of being made of mahogany...

I know it's a low-profile brand, but... Gibson? +All Les Paul-derived H-H import models? PRS? Et cetera? It's more than possible. It's actually one of the norms.
Mahogany's great. Very versatile. It's used in anything from jazz to death metal.
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