Two questions in one thread!

What super heavy distortion pedal is in the realm of awesome for less that say $80? Been looking at the Digitech DeathMetal. But I live so damed far from everything I can't actually play with it. <_<

What would be a great flanger for under $100?
if you don't like the deathmetal, try the grunge. it works well with metallica songs. as for the flange, get the evh flange, expensive but worth it.
i have the old DoD DeathMetal pedal. its got loads of distortion but i dont really like to use it. it kinda breaks up on high notes.
I Have The Digitech Death Metal Pedal I Love It Its Easy To Use An Sounds Amazing Perfect For Bullet Machine Head Slipknot KSE And Metallica. The Only Problem Is Theres No Gain Control.

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You're not really gonna get a super awesome sounding distortion pedal for less than 80. How much is the Metal Muff? It's probably worth checking out too, but it'd be best if you could test the pedals before buying.
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Im not big on distortion pedals I like overdrive channels on the amp. BUT there are some good ones out there. The Krank one is nice but its like 150 dollars. I'd probably go with the boss metalcore. From what I tried that one sounded the best.
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