don't know...just a random thought that came into my mind...i'm munching on a tube of classic pringles anyways..and i'm loving it...

just curious,but what flavoured and what brand of potato chips satisfies you? i like lays sour cream and prignles original chips...find them extremely nice...
Snyders Kettle Cooked Sweet Onion are always a pleasure, also the Jalapeno flavor I dig, If you can find them anywhere, a bit rare, theres a chip by a company called Blair's Death Rain and the chip is called Firey Habanero. WOW! I gotta find somewhere to get those again!
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for an upmarket taste - thai sweet chili walkers sensations
just for munching - cheese and onion...not really bothered about brand for them...
Sun Chips. The Harvest chedder ones.
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Pringles any flavour. This thread is making me hungry

Me too!
Out here you've gotta know where your towel is!
after a long day, i don't think anything can beat plain ripple chips.

lays ketchup is good too.