i want to buy an USB sound cart with MIDI, less expensive unfortunatly (something under 300$)
i want it to perform a very easy function like just plug in the guitar and control the effects from the PC. i've looked up some of the soundcards on the market on the internet and im thinking between several like M-Audio fast track or audiophile, or edirol ua-25 or maybe ua-4fx.i checked up some mackie and some tapco.of course, im open to suggestions.
a sound card is not USB its PCI and your talking about audio interfaces for recording.
The USB units are not all that great but the m-audio Fast Track USB is fair for the price.

also keep the price of cables and mics in mind as they can easily add to the cost.

The Shure SM57 is ok for vocals and works well for micing a bunch of other things.

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my eye caught edirol ua 25. cause it has MIDI ins and outs, so (just in case) i decide to connect lets say a midi keyboard or something else.so whats your opinion on that?
you could probablyget better for that price range.

this E-MU 0404 has MIDI as well as a ton of inputs of different types. Most importantly its 2.0 USB compared to the 1.1 usb unit you were looking at.

With the lower price you can use the extra cash on something like the Sm57 or some other mic. For vocals, the Studio Projects B1 condenser mic is the best mic out there for the price and since the e-mu interface has phantom power and fair preamps you should have no problem using the two.

you must have a 2.0 USB input on your PC for the full 2.0USB to work so if you dont have that you will need one of these:
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I have the Fast Track Pro USB and I like it.

Are you going to be using a desktop or a laptop?

For a desktop workstation I would recommend a PCI solution, esp if you can find one in your budget that has a breakout box, like the M-Audio Delta series.

For a portable solution (laptop, or multiple desktop scenarios) I would recommend checking out some of the firewire solutions that are on the market too. You may have to buy a firewire card, but those can be had fairly cheap. In my opinion the latency advantage that firewire has over usb is worth the extra few dollars.

Remember unless they advertise usb 2.0 specifically, it's going to be a usb 1.1 interface that suffers from some latency issues.

Note: "Sound cards" in general can be usb, as well as firewire or any other connection your PC has. Creative makes their Audigy sound cards in a USB package. In this context though I think TS meant to say recording interface. Which can in essence replace every function of your PC's sound card anyways.
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I'll be using it for desktop recording. However the suggestion you gave me (e-mu 0404) seems practical for mobile recording also (in case it get 's to that). Look, when it get 's to budget, i 'm really limited to approx 300$ (give or take), that's the max i can get. And the stores here have a poor choice, so i might have to order. PCI solutions are not considered at this time, because i have to open up my PC and with doing so i will remove my warranty (i little sticker but can make you a whole lottla problems, kinda sucks when u buy a new PC )
well another way you could go is with the M-audio 2496 and a small mixer to feed it with preamps for mics.


Tapco mixer:

and a mic like the SM57 can work out well for a lot of things but if you want a condenser for some acoustic guitar or vocals the MXL 990/991 works out well...just make sure your mixer provides phantom power.

You should be able to get a mic, mixer, and card for $300 easily and if you dont get them new for that price look for used ones on ebay or some on MF.
but then again the M-audio 2496 is a PCI card, right? that's why I'm looking for an external solution. I can't open the PC because as I said i have a warranty on it. The warranty will not be valid if I open the PC case
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I've never owned any computer (even Macs) that you aren't allowed to open up? You're normally allowed to add Ram, Cards, etc... What computer do you have?
Now running an Eleven Rack with Pro Tools 10.3.3 - it's amazing and I'm having ball with it - worth every penny. PT 10 is tops IMO and the Eleven Rack is a work of art!
But for Macs (like the Mini or iMac) you practically need the hands of a surgeon to upgrade them. But for PC's or Mac Pros, go right ahead and dissect. Keep in mind, if you have a USB or Firewire (preferred) audio interface, there's no need for a soundcard. I'm assuming you have a MIDI guitar that can also play normally, so I'd second the EMU 404.
i have an atlhon dual core3800+, 2Gb ram 800mhz 160Gb Hdd.with an on-board sound card.The problem is not wetter i can or cant operate with its components.The warranty i have is a sticker that is sticked in the back corner of the case and it holds the side panel with the case. its sticked like that so in case something needs replacement, or adding new components like ram or any PCI device or even changing my processor, the place i bought it will take care of it. so the dealer offers me warranty on the PC like a whole piece.if something doesnt work he will replace it free of charge.with the sticker he is sure that i havent interfered with any of the parts causing physical damage.and that's why i cant open it up (although im holding my self not to open it for quite some time )thats another reason im looking for an external unit, because i want to buy it now, not to wait the warranty to expire look i have a reason for this so lets stick to the external ones
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back again to the E-MU 0404....
an MXL 990/991 for $100 or the SP B1 for a little more are fair mics, I would go with the B1...

your PC looks fine as far s components and speed so it wont need any upgrades at this point.

mix and record using Reaper.
Total - about $250
That limits your options alot. If you bought PCI interface can you take to your computer guy and have him install. Or maybe circumvent the warranty sticker?

You can buy addon PCI to firewire cards for like 10 bucks. I got one with 2 firewire and 2 USB 2.0 ports

Edit: ah, but that would involve opening up the case.

Bummer about your warranty. Perhaps a nice USB unit then.
ok, lets say that i buy a firewire card (and, yes- i can buy a part and take the pc to my dealer and let him install it) as far as usb goes, the 0404 seems to me (so far) the best choice. can u recommend me something firewire connected, within the limits of 300$?
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Mackie Onyx Satellite
great interface at $200


order over the phone and give them this promotion code for a 10% discount.
(expires 2/29/08)
Code: 17929137

I got that in the mail about 2 weeks ago from MF...they probably sent it out to a bunch of MF members.

As for the firewire card:
that was my first choice when i started lookin up these things.but at the time i didnt know the price and i couldnt spot a midi connection on in (or maybe it uses another connector that im not aware of-after all i no nothing of these things-the reason i posted this thread) as i was able to see with a brief view MF ship it for that price in US or Canada- not in europe.I'm from macedonia btw (a tiny place in eastern europe) . ok- and in case i find it here, the price wont be 200 bucks with the taxes and the % the store or dealer will take for himself (a realy common thing here)
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Many good keyboards (and MIDI controllers) though, like the M-Audio Axiom, are using USB interfaces more and more often.
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ok, lets say that i buy a firewire card (and, yes- i can buy a part and take the pc to my dealer and let him install it) as far as usb goes, the 0404 seems to me (so far) the best choice. can u recommend me something firewire connected, within the limits of 300$?

If you can let him install the card or if he will give you permission, I would recommend something like the Delta 44 or 66 by M-Audio. Since we're talking about a desktop you won't need the portability, and the PCI interface will give you much better results.