Hey! So a few lads here put me off buying the blackheart series amps...but i just found this thing for quite cheap (IMO)

It looks good..and i havent heard anythign bad about fame (they're handmade in poland).

Plus this one seems to have a marshall/vox theme going on (and it says its supposed to sound british) It has a master volume and all...

Anyway...I need an amp i can practice with in an apartement with good tones, and the current runner up with this one would be the HB Ga5 (VJ copy)...

The problem with this amp is that its 30 watts...probably too loud for apartement? (my paartement is empty most of the daytime tho, so i can crank stuff), but couldnt i also add an L-PAD to it? (resistor based attenuator)

Any advice would be much appreciated!

Keep it sexy,

Oh, and unless you didn't know, i play 80's hard rock/sleaze/rock/blues