Does anyone have tips for it or where to start off with it? Please don't just say "practice, practice, practice" since I already know...
Try to learn the song so well that playing it is second nature. Then try to sing along with it.
Ok thanks for the help so far.

I'll try humming a long to the song while I play.
Try playing chord songs first maybe, dont try playing complicated riff and picking while tryin to remember words of songs, also start slow like with anything and build up speed

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Try really slow, easy songs at first. Knocking on Heaven's Door is perfect.
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start playing the song VERY slowly, and try to mouth the words. once you get that down, play a little faster, and whisper the words. then faster, and say the words in a normal speaking voice, after that, try to play full speed and sing. it takes awhile to get it down if the riff is a little on the complicated side, but if the riff isnt too ridiculous, it shouldnt be too awfully hard.
The natural progression for me so far has been;
- regular 8-strums-a-bar chords and singing
- regular arpeggios and singing
- more irregular syncopated rhythms and singing (there are still some combinations I can't do)
- irregular/string-skipping arpeggios and riffs and singing (there are still plenty I can't do - think Radiohead, Thom Yorke is mental, or equally Matt Bellamy from Muse)

So basically, that was a long-winded way of saying start off with simple, regular chords that you don't have to focus on to play, then move to regular melodies, and see if you can handle that, and hopefully in time after having learnt some great tunes using the previously skills, move onto harder chord shapes, rhythms, and even riffs if you can manage it.
The more individual the guitar becomes from the singing, the harder it gets.

I actually respect guitarists more if they can multitask well (ie playing while singing) than if they can play fast or complicated bits.
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Thanks guys for the help! It's helped me a lot to figure out a plan for wear to start and to go from there onwards. Thanks!
Slightly weird tips:
For some reason when I sing and play I keep forgetting the lyrics, so having the lyrics somewhere is good.
Singing well is just as important as playing well. Go through the song once without the guitar, just to figure out where you take a breath, how much breath you need, where you might have to change registers etc., and remember this stuff as you play. Oh yeah, stand or sit up straight, and open your mouth more than you would if you were speaking.
It's really tough. I can't do it at all yet.

I imagine it's not unlike learning to drive a car. When you first start driving a car, you need to pay attention to everything, and everything is a distraction (radio, people talking, etc.)

After a while, i'm sure it becomes more natural and easier.

if you are spending all your time (as I am) still thinking about each not placement, where your fingers are, what string the pick is on, and so forth, you can't psosibly be ready to start singing along yet.

I would suggest start maybe with strumming songs where you are only worried about your left hand and not so much your right. Might be an easier way to start.

Try, America's "Horse with No Name" (good instructions on www.guitarnoise.com beginner guitar section)

That's only like two chords and an easy strum pattern you can probably ingrain quicly.
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Go to the Musician Talk forum, and in the stickied thread called MT Sticky, there is an article on it at the bottom.
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Can you sing? (apart from the wife telling you you're brilliant) Or "get a teacher" Ooops was that not helpful????
first figure out your range to make sure that you can hit all the notes as if you are just trying to sing alone. To do this, when you warm up, try playing major scales on the lower strings, and see if you can match the pitch. If it's too low for you (or high) , try a different key. For instance, play the F Major scale on your guitar starting at the 6th string, then play a full octave. If you're able
to sing the notes simultaneously without being way off pitch, these notes are within your range. After that, when you're going to play the song, I'd advise just playing the chords/rhythm part to the song, as complicated lead stuff can make things more difficult then it needs to be.
Your got to go really high ... then really low. Anyone can sing!!! unless they have amusia, but I don't think they hang out on guitar forums. I don't have any real information but I would think it would be much like my experience learning the keyboard, i.e. playing two hands together. From that I can say is try singing it to get the idea what it should sound like. Then try and integrate it with the chords first slowly and with out as much variation then slowly bring it in full ball, will probably seem impossible for the first few bars but if you keep with it you should get into the swing of it. Also take comfort that pop/contemporary songs repeat alot. Good luck.
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Try learning Nirvana or anything off Pink Floyd's "Piper At the Gates of Dawn." They're both easy, and the guitar player sings and plays.
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just sing like everybody does when they are singing along with a tune and you will probably find that you are an octive below the tune you are listening to because thats what everybody does then when you sing, sing an octave higher, and if you can do that in tune you are there.


the key to singing and playing is keeping a steady rhythm with your strumming hand, you dont want to stop strumming. you dont want to have to think about timing ,,, thats why you cant sing and play at the same time. when you think about timing you lose the lyrics or your rhythm. rhythm comes by "skipping a beat" but your hand should still move, even when a beat it is skipped, by lifting to miss the strings , to keep rhythm even . For the most part, songs are just a continual loop of the same strum , so once you got the rhythm down all you need to do is know exactly what word you chord change comes on. You will find once you get this, it really is not hard AT ALL. (well most songs anyway)
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Try learning Nirvana or anything off Pink Floyd's "Piper At the Gates of Dawn." They're both easy, and the guitar player sings and plays.

I'm actually having trouble with About a Girl by Nirvana.....The strumming patterns throw me off but I'm working on it...
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