I would really appreciate some feedback (oops, sorry) from anyone out there who owns an Ibanez RGT 320Q.
My son is looking at some of the upper end Ibanez’s – JEM 7VW and the JS 1200 but came across the RGT. How does it compare?
He plays a mix of classic rock, blues and metal with an HSS Strat & a Jackson RR5 through a Marshall TSL 100 at the moment – if that helps.

tell him to play every guitar in the store through an amp similar to his own. then to narrow it down and try his favorites till there is only 1 left
when he is sure dont buy it!
go back again next week and make sure its "the one" after comparing the favorites again.
try it through a few other amps to make sure.
also be sure he plays them without an amp before because comfort and natural tone are improtant pickups can be swapped.
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