Alright so I'm thinking of switching my amp from Fender HRD to Peavey Classic 30. I've decided to sell my amp on craigslist and someone responded and wants to do a trade+cash. The items he's willing to trade (and that I'm interested in) are an mxr dynacomp, a ts808, and a proco rat. Which one of these do you think I should trade for and how much cash do you think I should ask for?
Well, if you want a compressor, then maybe the Dynacomp. You already have a tubescreamer - are you happy with it or do you want to change? Also, if you're switching to a Classic 30, would you need the Proco Rat (a distortion pedal)?

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First off, do you want any of those pedals? You've already got a pretty good selection, so consider what you think you could use and what you couldn't. Also, what type of music do you play?

Anyway, your HRD is probably worth about $400, the Dynacomp about $40, the TS-808 about $90, and the Rat about $50.

Unless you really want any of these pedals, or you have extra cash ready for the Classic 30, pass on this deal, and put in your ad that you're only looking to trade for a Classic 30 or you'll take cash.
^^sorry I'll wait longer next time.

^I kind of do want the TS-808 and the Dynacomp. The TS9DX and the blues driver are alright but I've heard that the TS-808 is a lot better sounding. Is that true? I do need a compressor also.

EDIT: Yes I have about $300 already and I found a C30 for $420 used.
Then take the Dynacomp and TS-808 as ask for $250. That's assuming your HRD is in really good condition.

The problem I've ran into with Craigslist trades+cash is the other people think their gear is worth more than it actually is. If he tries to low-ball you with like $150 or something leave him alone. Also, if he's got any pedals you know you can sell, you could grab a few of those that equal about what your HRD is worth and sell them, instead of cash.