Oki.. here's another parody for you all.. Warning, does have an adult theme to it..

(to the tune of What Would Brian Boitano Do? - DVDA)

Rip! Burn! Rip! Burn! Down! Load! Rip! Burn!

What would warner bros do,
If they were here right now.
I'm sure they'd kick my ass a few
Cuz thats what Warner Bros do.

Down! Load! Rip! Burn!

When they found out i was downloading Movies by the score,
They gave the MPAA a ring who came knocking on my door.
They took away my PC and my 18 racks online,
I'll still be paying legal costs when i turn 99

Down! Load! Rip! Burn!


Down! Load! Rip! Burn!

When Warner Bros came to me with an offer of good will.
I told them they could stick it, with the DMCA Bill.
Cuz warner has a tendancy to stick you in the Pen.
Cuz the MPAA doesn't take **** from an-y-bo-dy....
[Spoken:]No lawyers! don't take that legal case! Its Suicide!
I've never seen so many stupid litigation suits(x7)

Down! Load! Rip! Burn!

The Motion Picture companies have sue'd so many folks,
that all there legal wrangling has turned them into jokes.
Hideedodee! Hideeday! the DMCA's here.
So round up all your sources and tell 'em they have no fears.

Say, "Come over here downloaders, and help me take off my pants.
and I'm gonna make dirty love to you, cause that's what Warner Bros do."

Cause that's what Warner Bros DO!

still to get the nerve to record this one and youtube it