Hey, i just changed the strings on my floyd rose for the first time by myself. I have an ibanez rg, and previously i had 10 gauge strings on it and i switched to the exact same brand of 10 gauge strings.

The problem i have now, is that the top string rattles like crazy, and it appears the bridge has sunken in to the body of the guitar too much.

What i mean by that is that i can only use the whammy bar to lower pitch, I can't use it to raise pitch because it is already fallen back.

If anyone can give me some insight on what i might have done wrong and what i can do to fix this, it would be awesome. Thanks a lot guys you've been a great help so far.
Uhh. Maybe check the springs? I did away with my floyd rose. It was so much of a hassle.
Did u take off all the strings at the same time, or replaced em 1 by 1?
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Did you change tunings or anything? You could take a spring out or you could loosen the two screws that hold the metal piece that pull back the springs (behind the plastic thing you take off)
hey i got a floyd rose and tht happens to me too. You gotta loosen the strings in the back a bit. its easy
Same tuning and i did them all at once. Ive never messed with the springs in the back, I've always let a friend who's known what he was doing mess with that. i Guess ill google that now.
You said you did them all at once... are your sure the knife edge is at the right part of the post? I've known th em to sometimes slip up or down the post a bit without any string tension on them