I fancy getting a command and conquer game for my laptop, but i've got pretty low specs so i was wondering which of the older command and conquer games i should get? I had red alert on playstation and that was awesome! My specs are 1.6 ghz processer, 440 mb of ram and storage space is about 50 gigs
Red Alert 2 =

though you could probably run Generals too (but I for some reason never had much of a thing for 3d strategy games)
anything up to generals. Also, download a demo of CNC 3 - it has surprisingly low requirements
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never had much of a thing for 3d strategy games)


i loved tiberian sun. One of the first games i got into
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Red Alert 2 =

hell yeah !
my pc can run some new games, still its been very hard to find one that is as great as C&C red alert 2 XD
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generals all the way, if not then red alert 2

Generals was ****.

RA2 + YR or Tib Sun
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so you reckon i'll get away with red alert 2?

yeah, I played it on my old 300mhz computer

you can pick it up for like $5 new
Red Alert 2 for the win dude. Tib Sun is awsome as well, but nothing can beat kicking ass as the Soviets.
Get Red Alert. Red Alert 2 is just a bit silly... I really didn't like it.

If not, get Generals, it's really fun, even though the Westwood fanboys yap on about it not being a real C&C.
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I think Tiberium Sun is possibly the best of them all. I'd go with that.
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