Out of those, I'm going for Beatles.

Start a poll?

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Out of those choices, I would say the beatles even though I dont ever listen to them.
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Define "Best". Most influential, most musically talented, most ahead of its time? If you're going influence, I'd take The Beatles whether they were up there or not. Ahead of its time.. I'd probably tie up GNR with Metallica on that one. And as for most talented, that's a matter of opinion, I think AC/DC is the greatest rock band of all time.
That title belongs to Led Zeppelin, the greatest rock band in history, and these type of threads are not allowed.
As far as influence and talent goes, it's hard to beat the Zep.
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Blue Oyster Cult has Led Zeppelin beat hands down. Led Zeppelin is a pop band compared to BOC.
Two of those shouldn't even be listed.

The Beatles are the best.

Sgt Peppers
The White Album
Abbey Road
Rubber Soul

Heck, what Beatles record was bad? I'll take that one (if you can figure out which one it is) over 'Load', 'The Black Album' or even a lot of the Zep stuff.

Thing about The Beatles is every song on every record is good. No filler.

They had Lennon/McCartney's songs and voices, Harrison's playing and Ringo's nose.

Not only did they completly redefine what rock and roll was supposed to look and sound like (Sgt Peppers, Magical Mystery Tour, White Album, etc...) they influenced everything after.

I can understand how some young kids may pick Zep or Mettalica but neither of those bands has the historical significance of The Beatles. Not only that, a pretty strong argument can be made that without The Beatles we wouldn't even have ANY of the British rock bands (Stones, Zep, etc...).
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^^ stones didn't come that long after the beatles, and i doubt the beatles had the huge influence on them which you suggested.

Besides that, this thread is pointless. It's all about opinion.
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^^ stones didn't come that long after the beatles, and i doubt the beatles had the huge influence on them which you suggested.

Besides that, this thread is pointless. It's all about opinion.

There would have been no Stones if it were not for The Beatles. After The Beatles came to America the doors were open for everyone else.

I'm not saying The Stones would not have formed (and I'm also a Stones fan) but they would not have come to America and been famous.

If you don't think The Beatles influenced The Stones is laughable. I'm not trying to sound mean, but seriously get a clue.

Just a few reasons why anyone who has an idea of what they're talking about would not deny that The Beatles had a huge influence on The Stones:

The Stones first top 20 hit was 'I Wanna Be Your Man' which was written by Lennon and McCartney.

Their Satanic Majesties Request, which was greeted with lukewarm reviews was a response to Sgt Peppers

Aftermath - The Stones first album of all original material (I believe) was in response to The Beatles writing songs

And the whole Stones marketing ploy was that they were the 'bad' Beatles.
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In before Rick Astley (sp?).

I'd have to agree with the dude(s) that are saying the Beatles. They just win.

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