hello all.

im having real difficulty with my new guitar, every time i try to tune it, one slight knock, or even going to the next string, even worse, just leaving it alone, i return to it and its out of tune in a matter of seconds......

is there anything that can help me!?
many thanks
Have you stretched in the strings?
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nope, dont think so.....

just cant seem to tune it!

How long have u had this guitar for???????/

Because i am planning to buy this guitar
i haven't had it long, about a two months or so...

its a great guitar btw! advise anyone to buy it. just need to sort this little problem out....

otherwise, it'l be on ebay soon!
i dont wanna do that but...... i have a guitar that can't tune!
New strings strech for a while when they are fresh on. It will take a while for them to settle. Just stretch them, put them on and tune them up. Thrash around onthe guitar for a bit and repeat until they stay in tune.
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Also, you may not have a good perception of tuning yet, so what you think sounds in tune at one point could be trash the next time.
Tune the guitar, then pull the strings about 1/2 inch above the fretboard. Tune the guitar again. Repeat until it stays in tune.
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One time when i changed strings i left the guitar over the night in standard tuning, and when i woke up the guitar was almost perfect in Drop C tuning
It makes sense if the strings are new, they tend to stretch a bit, so just tune it back up, play, or leave it in Drop C and play, eventually, it will stop doing that.
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I have 2 Epiphone Les Paul Standards, a sunburst and a goldtop, if stretching the strings don't work you might have to adjust your intonation. Which is when the harmonic on the twelvth fret and the open string are not in tune with each other. You could take it to the place you bought it or another shop and get it checked out.
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The strings will take time to stretch. If you have an electric tuner, just keep checking the tuning after your done playing, and re-adjust if needed. And then check it the next time you play, etc.